Mio More Desktop 2

Mio More Desktop 2

MioMore - Personalize POIs, plan routes, download geotagged photos
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  • How do I obtain updates?
    In order to obtain the most recent map updates available, you can try connecting your device to the PC, turn it on and open your MioMore Desktop application. By doing this, a pop up should appear offering you a software update for MioMore. You should click Download, choose the desired language and follow the instruction provided. After this process is over, your program should restart and you should see a new pop up that states that there are updates available to be downloaded. Click View then click Download for the desired maps. The maps should be downloaded and installed on your device automatically.


Unleash the power of Mio Spirit using MioMore™ Desktop 2 on your PC. Personalize POIs, plan routes, download geotagged photos, all in MioMore™ Desktop 2. Easily plan routes and manage content on your PC via MioMore™ Desktop.

If you own a MIO Technology GPS navigation device, especially one of the newer models with Spirit navigational software you might have bumped into a serious problem. You only get the system software called Mio More Desktop 2 that you use to manage your GPS navigation device from your PC only on the disk you get with the device. But if you loose this this or forget it while on a journey you’ll see that you cannot download this software directly from the support website of MIO, which is really strange and actually a problem for quite a few people.

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